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Creating Positive, Mentally Healthy Retail Workplaces


About WorkWell

WorkSafe’s WorkWell Learning Networks aims to promote mental health and wellbeing and prevent mental injury & illness by changing workplace cultures and practices.


The Learning Networks provide funding to support organisations to take a leadership role in bringing workplaces and experts together to share knowledge and implement initiatives that  create safe and mentally healthy workplaces

About the Retail Learning Network

The ARA’s role as the peak body for the retail industry is to inform, educate and advocate on behalf of our members. The ARA’s delivery of the Learning Network aims to inform our membership of the prevalence of mental health risks for workers within the industry, and develop innovative strategies, resources, learning materials and discussion forums to educate our members on effective prevention strategies to improve outcomes within the industry.

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Bring workplaces and experts together to share ideas & knowledge and provide advice & support to implement workplaces initiatives that create mentally safe and healthy environments for identified Victorian working populations


Build the capacity of workplaces to create environments where employees can thrive


Create long term, sustainable and organisation-wide change through collaborative efforts

To chair a WorkWell Learning Network to assist the retail industry with addressing the challenges of implementing mentally healthy workplace strategies.

Working closely together with industry specialists, retail employers and relevant industry bodies, the ARA will develop effective strategies that can be implemented in any workplace.

Active participation between retailers, steering committees, shopping centers, Monash University, SDA, HBIA and HIA.

The Network partners form part of the consortium to:

  • Support Network Chairs

  • Provide expert advice, knowledge and ideas

  • Advise on best-practice methodology

  • Assist in development of Program Management Plan

  • Assist in delivery of Learning Network workshops as relevant



Industry Consultation


Data Collation through Surveys


Collaboration with industry specialists


Workshop solution


Implement solutions, collect feedback


Publish and train


Caroline Mews Program Manager

0415 507 658

Chief Operating Officer & Director, Retail Institute at Australian Retailers Association

Garry applies his breadth of industry knowledge to bring relevance to the relationships that are managed by the Retail Institute with industry. Leading the development of the Retail Institute relationships with industry and stakeholders has resulted in the high levels of growth and sustainability of the business. Garry works closely with government bodies and industry partners to ensure the Retail Institute offer remains relevant, compelling and well understood.


His focus is to support the growth of the Retail Institute to deliver skills and career pathways within it’s membership to both owners and employees.


Garry has worked in the VET sector since 2005, specialising in developing retail skills and employment opportunities with small to large sized retail employers nationally across a wide range of industry categories in the area of pre-employment and existing workers.